Monday, January 28, 2013

I stumbled on this photographer's work the other day.  David Fuller.

His logo grabbed me from the very beginning.  I seem to gravitate towards clean, symmetrical looks.

I thought this was a clever title for a photography blog... 
and the images are absolutely gorgeous!

The idea for this blog is quite ingenious.  Here is an explanation from the creative site Minding Shop associated with David's photos:


"Our highly-successful lifestyle blog blends David's photography with images curated across the web. We have become a favorite destination for thousands of daily visitors seeking creative inspiration or a brief escape to their dreams.

With our large base of followers, thefullerview is a marketing partner for brands seeking to accelerate engagement of their visual content.  For clients who share thefullerview's taste and creative values we integrate their content with branded watermarks and embedded links to drive traffic, awareness and revenue." 

The blog consists of images and the occasional quote.
So, not all of the images seen at the fuller view
are captured by David.  I think of this page as a compilation.

To see only David Fuller's work, you can go here
(or click on the 'MY PHOTOS' link at the top of the page at  
Here some examples of some of David's photos:

These are just a few examples of some really breathtaking images.

As I start this semester and class, I am really looking forward to finding my voice through the images I capture.  
I know 'beautiful' comes in many forms and it is my goal to catch some of the beautiful all around me 
and to go out and seek the beautiful in the world.